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Rampless GIZA Pyramid Construction –

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In accordance with ancient Egyptian historical records, all ramp theories are null and void due to the LOW VOLUME of traffic that is possible on a ramp.
The records report construction time of Khufu’s Pyramid of just TWENTY years duration. Therefore if ancient Egyptian records are to be disregarded, by all means maintain these ramp theories and invent more !!!
The world of FICTION has its time and place in Hollywood style movies where distortion is everything to make a buck.

0:41 to 0:43 seconds shows part of an ancient pinion-pulley which was excavated in 1895 under the supervision of William Matthew Flinders Petrie in the Temple complex of Pharaoh Hatshepsut at El-Bahari in Egypt. This is a model, which was found covered in a hewn out rock along with other models of ancient Egyptian building industry equipment. Archaeologists know this artifact as a ‘Petrie rocker’. The technical term is a ‘pulley lobe quadrant’. Four pulley lobe quadrants make-up one pulley.

Giza Pyramid construction is the earliest known use of RACK & PINION mechanics. The Pyramid is the RACK component and there are four RACKS in a square base Pyramid. The PINONS are the wooden pinion-pulleys which engage with the stone RACKS on all four sides. (Racks being the stepped sides of the Pyramid). Using forty pulleys the Great Pyramid of Khufu was constructed in twenty years as historical documents report, now verified. Construction was begun almost immediately as ramps were NOT required.

From the very first layer of blocks the ancient pulleys begin to step-walk when hoisted, thus using a Pyramid under construction to build a Pyramid, step by step, layer by layer. Ramps of any description are NOT required. Elegant and simple logic, just as expected of the brilliant ancient Egyptian engineers. Using a Pyramid to build a Pyramid is the core logical element of ancient Egyptian Giza Pyramid construction. All ramp theories for Giza Pyramid constructions are modern inventions due to associative impulse thinking (sand dunes) accompanied with sheer fantasy. Ramps are NOT mentioned in ancient Egyptian historical documents.

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